Enterprise Application Implement
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) originally refers to a resource planning system in an organization, a company. A typical ERP system includes all the basic functions of an organization. That organization can be a company, a non-profit organization, a non-governmental organization, etc.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

SCM is a process for planning, implementing and controlling all operations in a supply chain in order to meet all customer demands most efficiently. SCM takes place during a process of transporting and storing materials and check on-going works and finished products from manufacturing to consumption.




Adding more management levels or increasing the level of each component in a supply chain can increase the possibility to unite business processes. Components in a supply chain management include:


  • Planning and monitoring
  • Work structure
  • Company organization
  • Equipment structure (product line)
  • Equipment structure (information line)
  • Management approaches
  • Management and rights structure
  • Risk and reward structure
  • Culture and behavior


Benefits from using SCM


  • Enhancing productivity of all product lines by mutual collaborations among suppliers
  • Improving customer services and minimizing stocks
  • Reducing warehouse storage fee
  • Reducing product unit price and maximizing benefits
  • Reducing unnecessary costs
  • Improving corporate competivitity
  • Establishing a supply chain among traditional partners
  • Promptly adapting to market changes and reducing negative effects on customers


Risks from using SCM


  • Choosing an inappropriate SCM system might consequently affect all operations of a company, from production materials to distribution channels.
  • An SCM incompatible to other operational management tools such as accounting system and business softwares might ruin a business.
  • Other business models with many branches, partners and representative offices might lead to unanalyzable disorders.


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