Today, in the context of severe competition, companies are now facing second-to-none pressure from the market. Survivors and high performers are those who outperform competitors by cutting costs while at the same time maintaining high level of customer services

Application Maintenance Outsourcing (AMO)

Today, in an attempt to cut costs, global and domestic companies are asking their employees to work more with less resources and IT management system is much dependent on their skills. Meanwhile, managers want their IT system to help settle operation processes and provide more creative solutions to cut management costs and at the same time improve their competiveness. As a consequence, companies find it is necessary to look for and evaluate new opportunities to meet current demands.


Challenges to find satisfactory outcomes for these issues?


  • Do you know how much has been spent on software application support?
  • Do you actually save using internal services for such support?
  • Do you know spent costs can make up for burdens/productivity enhancement for performance of staff rendering internal support?
  • Do you know your staff can outperform, it is your customers and external organizations or even internal teams who evaluate service quality?
  • Do you know an application can be supported by many different internal resources, and thus such an “opportunity cost” can assist you in a different way rather than developing new solutions to meet various demands from internal teams, customers, market from which differentiation is achieved?




  • Cut application maintenance costs
  • Improve service
  • Less time to maintain applications
  • Focus more on major businesses
  • Retain sole status
  • Minimize risks from workforce and equipment


Realistic answer from SSG:


If you come up with a “No” or “Possible” for the above questions, you will likely feel the needs, just like many other organizations, to be better served and seek this possibility from a third party like SSG. We can essentially help you save costs for this purpose.


Application maintenance and management service at SSG:


At SSG, we are fully aware that outsourcing for maintenance of your applications is not complicated and can save you huge costs. You can possibly use this service as a business tool. What is more, if SSG is the developer of your applications and accompanies with you for the past many years, we will then be knowledgeable about how to optimize your applications or adjust them to meet your special demands or market changes to which your company is to adapt.