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we provide specialized application software development services based on the specific requirements of each enterprise with different business models and the development of digital transformation-oriented organizations.



Agile or Oracle Method

  • Agile: Instead of detailed planning from start to finish, Agile focuses on dividing a project into short cycles called sprints. Each sprint lasts from one to a few weeks, focusing on developing the most important features or important aspects of a product. SSG and the enterprise will work closely in this process, constantly updating and adjusting the project based on actual feedback. At the end of each sprint, the product is improved and can be deployed or further developed. With this way of deployment, it brings benefits such as promoting a spirit of cooperation, flexibility and adaptability, helping to ensure that products not only meet the changing needs of the business, but also the best quality and performance.
  • Oracle Method: Using the OACLE Cloud platform and leading database solutions, this approach focuses on building flexible and scalable enterprise applications. With the support of the Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) and Oracles Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), enterprises can leverage tools and resources to develop, deploy and manage applications effectively, respond to changing needs, and ensure high performance for their application systems.
  • iDempiere
  • Java
  • .NET
  • MS365
  • Flutter
  • PHP
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL

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