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Application Evaluation is a service that assists users in determining the quality of their applications. This service assesses the performance, security, dependability, and usability of applications. These evaluations can assist in identifying and correcting potential issues in their applications.

SSG’s experienced team of professionals will assist customers in testing and evaluating software applications using professional testing tools and procedures, allowing applications to operate more efficiently and safely.



  • Performance: Assess application performance in terms of response time, load-resistance and resource usage.
  • Security: Assess the security of an application in terms of security vulnerabilities, attack resistance, and ability to meet security requirements.
  • Reliability: Assess the reliability of an application in terms of its stable operating capacity, recovery after crashes, and its ability to meet reliability requirements.
  • Ease of Use: Assess the ease of use of the application in terms of the user interface, user manuals and the ability to meet user-friendliness requirements.


Improve the quality of applications

Assessment Services Applications can help identify and fix potential problems in their applications, thus making them work more efficiently and safely.

Save cost

Assessment Services Applications can help save on maintenance and repair of software applications that are in use.

Enhance security

Application evaluation services can help comply with regulations on cybersecurity and information security.