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Due to the specialized and complicated nature of the steel sector, it is necessary to have software that meets these operations in accordance with industry requirements. The steel and construction materials industries can benefit greatly from digital transformation, from streamlining production processes to boosting performance and conserving resources.

Here are some of the effects of digital transformation on this industry:
1. Process optimization in manufacturing
2. Prediction and maintenance enhancements
3. Simulation and modeling
4. Better Supply Chain Management
5.Personalized and adaptable production
6. Resource and Energy Management
7.Interaction with Customers and Marketing
8. Cutting-edge material development

In the steel and construction materials industries, digital transformation can assist enhance production performance, reduce waste, and have a beneficial impact on environmental sustainability. However, adopting and reaping the benefits of digital technologies necessitates organizational investment and dedication.

SSG successfully delivered the Oracle e-Business Suite solution for steel firms in Vietnam, addressing all industry-specific criteria. Aids in the viewing and reporting of component, in-process, and completed product supply through fully integrated inventory management. Improve your operational control by increasing supply chain visibility, automating important activities, and more.



  • Supply Chain Planning
  • Production Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Source Tracking
  • Finance
  • Costing
  • Procurement Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Distribution Chain Management
  • Financial Planning
  • HR & Payroll Management
  • eCommerce
  • B2B Sales Management
  • B2C Sales Management
  • Partner Sales Management (contractors, brokers…)
  • Modern transportation management
  • Automated e-marketing
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Loyalty Management
  • Weighing Station
  • Factory Automation
  • e-invoice
  • Shipping Partner
  • Payment partner
  • Financial and Business Management Analysis
  • Supply Analysis
  • Sales Analysis
  • Production Analysis


Customers will have an ecosystem that fulfils all the operational functions of the enterprise.

The steel industry solution package is based on the practices of many prominent Vietnamese steel organizations, ensuring effective deployment, with broad applicability for businesses of all sizes and customizable forms based on customer needs.

Integration with external partners is simple, including banking financial institutions, electronic invoice service providers, weighing stations, input and output security controls, and more.

Instantaneous, closed procedure, tight interdepartmental information.

It can be adopted based on the needs of the customer and expanded in the future, not just for legal purposes.

The pricing policy solution meets the pricing model for products with steel and equivalent properties.

Let us accompany you on your digital transformation journey.