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Master enterprise management solutions for Fertilizers – Chemicals concentrate on the following aspects:

1. Optimizing Production: The factor that directly affects efficiency is the optimization of production in chemical plants through increased equipment efficiency, automation of production processes, remote monitoring and prediction of operating schedules and maintenance.

2. Supporting Remote Operations: The COVID-19 pandemic forced factories to reassess their ability to support remote and combined operations. Better collaboration and communication platforms allow remote teams to work together in chemical production just like they do in any other vertical industry.

3. Reducing Waste: Cutting costs so far has remained a major benefit for factories that have undergone digital transformation. The chemical industry is struggling with unstable raw material prices, but customers, of course, demand consistently lower prices. At the same time, factories have to deal with high energy costs, which makes it important to minimize waste as much as possible.

4. Unlocking New Growth Opportunities: The application of technology that enables the chemical business to create new products that fit the market. For example, AI applications to optimize BOM production, create new products that accelerate R&D

5. Optimizing Supply Chain: When the pandemic disrupts the supply chain, it reveals the vulnerability of chemical plants. As a result, companies have focused on improving their visibility and supply chain integration.

6. Safety, Compliance, and Sustainability: Chemical companies are implementing digital transformation to help them improve employment safety, reduce emissions and hazardous outbreaks, while ensuring business sustainability and compliance.



  • Asset Management (eAM)
  • Operations Management (Production Planning, Production Implementation, Quality Management, Integration of Production Systems MES, MOM, Process Management)
  • R&D
  • Supply Chain Planning
  • Financial Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Safety and Compliance Management
  • Order Management
  • eCommerce
  • Distribution sales
  • Important clients
  • Marketing Automation
  • Loyalty
  • System of factory automation
  • System of surveillance cameras
  • System for automatic weighing and packing


Promote product research and commercialization

Attract and retain customers

Reduce costs into production through supply chain optimization

Maximize asset utilization

Manage and operate on data base

Build an operating ecosystem