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The energy industry is one of industries requiring large production and business operation management. Therefore, modeling many business processes on the same software and updating data simultaneously from many departments will help manage production and business activities quickly and accurately.



  • Account Payable (AP)
  • Account Receivable (AR)
  • Fixed Assets (FA)
  • Cash Management (CM)
  • General Ledger (GL)
  • Treasury
  • Financial Accounting Hub (FAH)
  • iReceivables
  • Marketing
  • Advanced Pricing
  • Partner Management
  • Human Resourcces
  • Payroll


Analyze data of many business activities such as finance, accounting, warehouse management… in a single software. At the same time, ERP is integrated and linked with other software such as: CMIS, IMIS, PMIS, HRMS…

Unifying database at company level. Serving reporting and management tasks throughout the organization, supporting administrators and users to review and evaluate overall business operations in the form of analytical data. intuitive. Data is updated instantly, eliminating delays in information reporting and data updates.

Modelling business processes, serving business administration in a single software system. Therefore, applying ERP will help professionalize, speed up workflow, improve labor productivity, and reduce errors compared to manual work.