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SSG provides instructional training programs for digital conversion application solutions in order to provide “authentic value” to our customers.

The SSG consultants and experts will undertake the survey, consultancy, and service deployment processes in an understanding and professional manner based on the customer’s needs and training objectives for the work or project.

SSG’s team of technology professionals is dedicated to teaching and advising company employees so that they can understand digital solutions.



  • Basic Training
  • Intensive Training
  • Training on Demand


Guided by experienced training & deployment professionals

SSG has a team of seasoned specialists in translation and implementation ready to guide students effectively and professionally from basic to advanced, with over 15 years of expertise in consulting and software deployment for organizations in Vietnam.

Time spent capturing technology should be reduced

Using a consulting and implementation service like SSG will help firms shorten the time it takes for staff to become acquainted with and grasp their software applications, so accelerating their progress toward reaching their business objectives.