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Enterprise Performance Management, or Oracle EPM, is a collection of tools and applications created by Oracle Corporation to assist enterprises in managing comprehensive performance and fast adapting to changing business environments. Financial plans, projections, performance evaluations, and risk management are all built, monitored, and managed with the aid of Oracle EPM.


Main functions

A set of functional and technological elements that all Cloud EPM processes share. It enables you to simplify administration across many business operations and provide a more cohesive user experience.

Builds on best practices and modern technologies to promote flexible planning, long-term planning, budgeting, and business planning.

Build clear allocation models for profit analysis, service cost sharing, IT finance management, and tax transfer to make better business decisions.

Rapidly adapt to changing business requirements and compliance while offering faster, more accurate, and transparent reporting, and benefit from integrated functionality that includes whole tasks packed from start to finish.

Automatic account and transaction matching reduces the risks and concerns related to common operations while enhancing the effectiveness and accuracy of firm financial reporting.

For improved visibility and compliance, taxes should be adjusted to the company’s financial statements. Transparent corporate tax procedures should also be offered, including tax laws and country-specific reporting (CbCR).

Enables the use of strong analytical tools to comprehend financial and performance data. To present information in an intelligible and comprehensible fashion, users can construct intuitive and customized reports.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) provides multidimensional analysis, planning, modeling, and reporting to help you make better decisions. Essbase’s familiar power and flexibility are brought to SaaS scalability and management through Oracle Cloud Freeform.

Manage corporate transformation and data management, including decentralization management, enterprise data administration, and changing data visualization.


Improve financial planning, forecasting and reporting processes

Enhance strategic decision-making and optimize business performance

Increase the competitiveness of your business