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Java is a multi-platform, object-oriented programming language used to create web, desktop, and mobile applications. Java was created in 1995 by James Gosling and a colleague at Sun Microsystems.

With over 10 million programmers using it, Java is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Java is used to build code for everything from mobile applications to business software to big data applications, and it is employed in a wide range of sectors such as finance, banking, education, health, and entertainment.


Main functions

Java is a popular programming language for creating web applications that can be static, dynamic, or complicated.

Java can also be used to develop desktop applications, including desktop and mobile applications.

Java is a popular programming language for developing mobile applications, including Android and iOS applications.

Java can also be used to develop games, including computer games, mobile games, and web games.

Java is also used to develop business management applications such as customer relationship management (CRM), warehouse management systems (WMS), and others.



Java is designed to run on a variety of platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. This means you can develop a Java application and run it on any platform you want.

Object Orientation

Java is an object-oriented programming language, which makes it easier to develop and maintain applications. Object orientation helps you break down applications into smaller, easier to understand and more manageable components.


Java is designed with high security, helping to prevent security attacks. Java has a number of built-in security features, such as runtime checking, access management, and encryption.

High speed

Java is a lightweight programming language that enables applications to execute quickly and effectively. Java accelerates itself by compiling Java code into machine code and employing automated managing memory.


Java can be used to develop a variety of applications, from the web, desktop to mobile. Java is also used to develop business applications, games, and academic applications.