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Microsoft 365 (abbreviated as MS365) is an advanced version of the traditional Office, developed on the basis of cloud computing technology. Thanks to this, MS365 lets you work anytime, anywhere, and work online with each other on any device like computers, tablets, phones with synchronized data.

With more than 1.5 billion users and rapid growth, MS365 is regarded as a strong tool for businesses.


Main functions

Microsoft Exchange Online is a platform for managing user data and cloud-based messaging. It also offers reminders by integrating contacts and history from mobile devices.

Microsoft Sharepoint Online allows you to create and edit corporate websites, organizations, share business-related information for internal and public websites.

Microsoft Lync Online provides communication features such as instant messaging (IM), audio/image calls from PC to PC with the ability to set up online meetings, audio/picture sharing, the web, charts, and other tools.

Microsoft Teams is a team collaboration application in MS365 that helps people in the team get together and work more effectively. This is where you can meet, chat, share files, and work with business applications.

Office Web Apps is the online version of Mricrosoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint


All in one

MS365 connects all Microsoft software. MS365 is not just an application, it’s an ecosystem where you can send emails to work exchanges, use chat apps, text editors, office apps, etc. You can use all apps easily with just one account.

Easy to use at any time, any where

MS365 lets you send emails, edit documents, customize contact information, schedule… at any time, on any device or web application.

Secure data storage

All data is stored in the same place on the cloud with high security thanks to a team of top engineers around the world.

Real-time interaction

With resource sharing, everyone in the team can use MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint. People can see all the changes live in real time. Microsoft automatically saves any edits and can restore them easily.

Data synchronization

All data is stored in the cloud, making it easy for you to access, edit, or change appointments, emails… on any device.

One-time login

With MS365, you only need to log into a one-time account for all applications, saving time for logging in on different devices and avoiding forgetting your account/password information.