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The SSG solutions offered to satisfy the requirement for worldwide numerical conversion for transportation service providers improve not only operational performance, but also safety and security, while contributing to the overall sustainability of the transportation industry.



  • Cash Flow Effeciency Management
  • CRM
  • Smart port ecosystem building solution that connects customer supply chain comprehensively
  • Transportation Management
  • Mining Management
  • Data Analysis
  • Supporting business Applications: Sales Process, ECM, Procurement Process, Payment Process, Internal Support Process,…
  • Procurement Management
  • Asset Management
  • Important integrations with: Partners (Suppliers), Banks and Financial Institutions, Customer Business Systems, Imports and Exports, Tax and Customs Declarations,…
  • Compliance Management


Goods management and tracking

Transportation Optimization

Enhance prediction and maintenance

Increase Security

Provide transportation Information Management System

Environmental and Sustainable Management

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