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Oracle Fusion is a solution developed by Oracle Corporation since 2010. Oracle Fusion Applications is a 100% open business application suite that establishes a new standard for how to develop, work, and deploy technology by combining cutting-edge technology with the practical expertise of Oracle’s customers. Oracle Fusion, as a complete collection of modular, service-supported corporate apps, combines with Oracle’s infinite range of applications to help set greater levels of performance. Whether it’s a module, a product line, or a whole set of software, Oracle provides a selection of all the advancements that the pioneering Oracle Fusion brings, at a pace that fits the demands of each business.

Oracle Fusion’s highlights include:

– It is based on open-source standards.
– Built on superior business practices
– Deployed using a variety of methods
– Privacy is of the utmost importance.


Main functions

Manage clients, contacts, and customer resources, as well as data quality settings.

Control cash flows, which include assets, billboxes, cash rounds, invoices and payments, receivables, income and tax configuration, and sub-bill accounting.

Enable compliance and long-term risk management by integrating business intelligence, process management, and automated control enforcement.

Provide HR administration tools.

Requests, orders, and supplier agreements are all part of the procurement process management.

Plan, budget, forecast, collect costs, invoice purchases, and report results for projects.

Integrate and automate all major supply chain processes, from design and planning to production and order fulfillment.

A product line designed to supplement existing product lines in the Oracle Fusion application.

Provides a Welcome dashboard with a set of portlets and task flows to answer common questions.

Provide users with the content they need to fulfill their duties. To enhance and customize the information, you can install a localized version of the information section in Oracle Fusion Applications.


Minimize expenses

Oracle Fusion, as a cloud-based application, reduces hardware expenses, increases the flexibility of business processes, and provides high efficiency in both the short and long term. Furthermore, enterprises will save money on training and prevent the disruptions to corporate operations that might occur during system upgrades or software conversions.

Increase productivity and efficiency

Oracle Fusion, in addition to reducing the number of manual operations or developing automated processes, provides a streamlined, seamless process based on enterprise infrastructure, which accelerates operating speed and easily scales (or narrows) to meet enterprise needs easily and flexibly, saving time and increasing labor productivity.

Data to aid in integrated decision-making

Without having to transfer to a separate BI information system, Oracle Fusion Applications deliver the relevant information to make decisions in the context of the job being done.