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Based on Oracle’s high-level tracking tools, SSG delivers services to assess, diagnose, and resolve system performance issues. Graphs are used to describe information about system performance, providing clients with a thorough perspective of system performance. Based on this information, the experts will do a detailed analysis of the system’s performance and provide precise advising solutions to assist clients in resolving the performance issue and ensuring that the system operates consistently and properly.

At SSG, we realize that outsourcing app maintenance is simple, and there are numerous methods for enterprises to save money. Fortunately, if we had constructed your apps and accompanied you over the years, we would



  • Database administration includes backup, restore, optimization, and security.
  • System administration includes system monitoring, monitoring, and maintenance.
  • User administration includes licensing, access control, and user assistance.
  • Change Management: Oversees application modifications such as upgrades, bug patches, and new features.
  • Risk management entails identifying and mitigating application hazards.
  • Quality assurance: testing and ensuring the application’s quality.


Minimize system failure

Regular application maintenance aids in the detection and correction of potential flaws, hence reducing system crashes. Furthermore, new features that are enhanced or added after maintenance improve the software’s efficiency. The system is totally redesigned with a software platform, a model that works with compilers, hardware, or other important factors.

Maintain security & confidentiality

  • The introduction of security flaws in software is unavoidable. As a result, constant maintenance and upgrades are required to improve the material’s performance.
  • Because software is the home of big data, it necessitates a high level of security and secrecy, which must be maintained.

Optimize performance

Following maintenance, the application will run faster and handle data more quickly. Other typical issues, such as insufficient storage, inconsistent functionality, and so on, will be rectified swiftly, assisting in optimizing application performance and saving businesses time and money.