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SAS (Statistical Analysis System) is a data analysis and business information management software suite that is commonly utilized for advanced analysis, business analysis, and big data management tasks. SAS offers software and solutions for a wide range of industries, including data analysis, statistics, business and finance, risk management, human resource management, data mining, and many others.


Main functions

  • Base SAS – Basic Procedures and Data Management
  • SAS / STAT – Statistical Analysis
  • SAS / GRAPH – Graphics and Presentations
  • SAS / OR – Operations Research
  • SAS / ETS – Time Chain Analysis and Quantitative Economics
  • SAS / IML – Interactive Matrix Language
  • SAS / AF – Application Base
  • SAS / QC – Quality Control
  • SAS / INSIGHT – Data Mining
  • SAS / PH – SAS/ JMP Clinical Trial Analysis – Statistic Analysis


Strong and diversified analysis

SAS consists of a number of analytical tools, such as dimensional analysis, regression analysis, logistic regression, and multi-variable linear analysis.

Easy to use and automated

SAS has the ability to automate analytical operations, saving users time and effort.

Flexible integration

SAS can integrate with a variety of data types and can connect to different data sources.