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Oracle Financial Services Analytical Application (OFSAA) is an Oracle Corporation cloud-based financial analysis application solution.

In today’s volatile markets, financial institutions must better understand their risk returns while boosting their competitive advantage and long-term value for clients. The Oracle Financial Services Analysis App (OFSAA) assists financial institutions in measuring and meeting risk-adjusted performance targets, cultivating a culture of risk management through transparency, reducing compliance and regulatory expenses, and improving in-depth understanding of consumer behavior.

OFSAA enables integrated risk management, performance management, customer details, and compliance management by leveraging industry-leading analytics, common data modeling, and application architecture. OFSAA actively incorporates risk into decision-making, allowing for consistent performance perspectives and establishing a transparent risk management culture.

OFSAA offers a fully integrated and comprehensive financial services.


Main functions

Accounting Standards

  • Hedge Management and IFRS Valuations
  • Loan Loss Forecasting and Provisioning

Advanced Analytical Applications Infrastructure

  • Advanced Analytical Applications Infrastructure
  • Analytical Applications Infrastructure Extension Pack
  • Model Management and Governance

Customer Insight

  • Enterprise Financial Performance Analytics
  • Institutional Performance Analytics
  • Price Creation and Discovery
  • Retail Performance Analytics
  • Retail Customer Analytics

Data Management

  • Data Foundation
  • Balance Computation Engine
  • Data Integration Hub
  • Reconciliation Framework

Enterprise Performance Management

  • Asset Liability Management
  • Balance Sheet Planning
  • Cash Flow Engine
  • Funds Transfer Pricing
  • Profitability Management

Enterprise Risk Management

  • Credit Risk Analytics
  • Market Risk Measurement and Management
  • Liquidity Risk Solution

Regulatory Compliance

  • Capital Adequacy Application Pack
  • Data Governance Application
  • Regulatory Reporting for US FED- Lombard Risk
  • Regulatory Reporting for RBI- Lombard Risk
  • Regulatory Reporting for EBA- Lombard Risk
  • Regulatory Reporting for US Treasury- Lombard Risk
  • Regulatory Reporting for APME
  • Regulatory Reporting for OSFI
  • Agile REPORTER

Finance Modernization

  • Accounting Foundation

Customer Insight

  • Price Creation and Discovery
  • Performance Analytics

Enterprise Performance Management

  • Accounting Standards for Banking
  • Profitability and Balance Sheet Management

Enterprise Risk Management

  • Climate Change Analytics

Accounting Standards

  • Insurance Accounting Analyzer

Actuarial Applications

  • Insurance Loss Modeller

Data Management

  • Data Integration Hub
  • Insurance Data Foundation

Customer Insight

  • Insurance Performance Insight
  • Insurance Planner

Enterprise Performance Management

  • Allocation Manager for Enterprise Profitability

Lợi ích

Make better decisions with a single data model

With a single source of authentic information, OFSAA improves data access and usage for risk, finance, funds, compliance, and business groups.

Save money and simplify your IT approach

OFSAA combines Oracle autonomous services, integrated security, and serverless computing to provide flexible, high-performance computing capability for enterprise applications.

Combating financial crime and gaining a competitive advantage

To prevent financial crime and preserve compliance, the OFSAA system effectively assesses client risk, detects anomalous consumer behavior, and reports suspicious activity.