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Sales software for wholesale customers provides numerous benefits to organizations operating a network of oil retail stores, enhancing administration on both the seller’s and buyer’s sides. It not only offers clients a modern management solution, non-cash payments, no credit cards, and automatic debt update, but it also assists business owners in proactively controlling and managing all transactions. Biological discoveries without the need for expensive transaction fees. The information collected from the store is updated and centrally maintained in the parent company’s software, allowing businesses to easily control business activity at the store chain.



  • Mobile App for wholesale and retail consumers
  • Centralized Management Software


Easy management

The system is mobile device-based, facilitates ordering, purchasing, goods delivery, debt/payment, and is fully and timely monitored and managed via applications and mobile. The system assists units involved in wholesale operations: Business units, warehouses, wholesale and retail consumers.

Outstanding service

Provide customer services and promotional programs to boost benefits for business clients with means of transportation, grant credit limits, defer payments, and refund debt at the end of the period. The contract has been signed by the business unit; you can buy gasoline at any company’s gas station across the country and still receive deferred payment; non-cash and non-credit card payments; current, smart management systems placed on computers and mobile devices to control transactions at any time and from any location; Drivers do not have to waste time waiting for invoices to be written or printed while making purchases, nor do they have to go through payment procedures, because all transactions are completely updated and summarized on the management system.

Provide streamlined reports

Provides reports and statistics on revenue, inventory, business operations and many other aspects. This helps businesses better understand their business situation and make data-based decisions.