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Banks are specialized organizations with monetary and credit operations, as well as specialized business accounting, receivables, bookkeeping, fixed asset management, cash flow management, liquidity management, and so on. A comprehensive banking-specialized business management solution that handles and synchronizes data from all business divisions on a single platform, allowing for synchronous, rapid branch-to-branch management. Allows for the allocation of expenses to various activities, processes, and products, as well as the provision of real-time or near-real-time data to data mining applications and the generation of internal reports to support business activity analysis. Furthermore, our solution kit assists in budget planning based on the bank’s business, distributing the budget in many information dimensions (product, unit, branch/company, business unit).



  • General Ledger
  • Receivables
  • Payables
  • Centralized Procurement Management System
  • Automatic accounting entry integration from source systems using Accounting Hub technology
  • Mobile utilities that assist work: TSCD Registration, Cost Control
  • Multi-dimensional, multi-layer cost allocation
  • Determine event-based capital
  • Simulate business situations
  • Multidimensional Profit Analysis
  • Analytical data visualization Flexible reporting system
  • Operational data centralization model
  • Data Publishing
  • Data Converting
  • Standardize and authenticate data
  • Organizing data storage
  • Malfunction Tracking
  • Large data loads
  • Operating Costs
  • Fixed Asset Cost
  • Personnel Costs
  • Accounting Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Plan
  • Profit and Internal Capital Price Forecast


Increase Efficiency

  • Provides rigorous mechanisms, controls, and controls for each object, data field.
  • Automate business processes, minimize errors and improve bank operations
  • Ensure transparency of data for banking operations: corebanking, e-invoicing, card system, etc.
  • Allows coordination among the departments involved in data synthesis, budget planning, especially for banking, department, center, branch sizes.

Information Data Security

Data security features, preventing unauthorized access to the system, ensuring bank security

Improve your competitiveness

Help banks increase their competitiveness by providing tools and functions that help them improve efficiency, security, and customer service. This can help banks deliver better products and services to customers, while attracting and retaining customers.

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