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DBIZ Middleware is a set of intermediate software solutions designed to help integrate and manage different applications, services and data. It provides the tools and capabilities to address the challenges of system integration, application development, service management, and performance improvement.


Main functions

  • Application and Service Integration: DBIZ Middleware provides tools to connect and integrate different applications and services, enabling them to interact and share data effectively.
  • Application Development: It provides an application development environment and tools to build complex and responsive business applications.
  • Service Management: DBIZ Middleware manages and monitors services, provides performance tracking, resource management, and availability assurance.
  • Application Deployment and Management: Supports the deployment of and management of applications across a variety of environments effectively.
  • Security: DBIZ Middleware provides security solutions to protect data and applications from security risks.


Connects applications and data, saving businesses time and money.

Security features are provided to secure your company apps and data from security threats.

Improve performance and scalability of applications and services